October, 2017

Active involvement is the key to reaping benefits of Chamber membership and Fitness Motivation is a prime example, now October Fairport-Perinton Chamber Business of the Month.

Kellie Wright, serving on the Chamber membership committee stated, “Our Chamber hosts many types of activities. Some of these activities are monthly, like our Coffees and After Hours events.  We also have quarterly membership luncheons.  Annually, we host the State of the Town, Village and Schools and the Fairport Fourth of July celebration, including the run, parade, and Party in the Park. Tom Fortunato, who is the owner of Fitness Motivation, can be counted on for his attendance.  Tom, along with other members, provides a critical mass of people, which makes these networking events beneficial for all attendees.”

Tom started Fitness Motivation following a career at Kodak. Like many of our local population has experienced, his previous career came to an abrupt halt, which provided the opportunity to look into a future of career possibilities.  “I was an avid runner, who stayed away from gyms.  A friend kept encouraging me to give the gym a try.  When I finally did experience how the gym could benefit me, I made the switch.  Now, I help people to take similar steps into a healthier lifestyle,” shared Tom. He earned his certification as an American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer.  Chamber members experience Tom’s message, “Dream big kid. We all start somewhere, but START we must!” His business has been thriving for the past twelve years and counting.

Fitness Motivation offers one-on-one and small group training.  He serves distinctive populations, like his Gram and Gramp fitness program.  These sessions are available in-home, at offices, or in select gyms.  Fortunato stated, “I understand how work, home ownership and raising a family can impact the time and energy to stay fit.  I also understand how diet short cuts slowly degrade health from the inside out.  Plus, inertia can keep us from doing the healthy things we know we should do.  Personally, I have lost a kidney to cancer, endured hip replacements, and had rotator cuff and knee surgeries. I am a walking testament to the value of a strong desire to live well, sound routine, and hard work, to surpass my personal limits.”

Tom and his wife Charlene have been married for 47 years and have two sons and six grandchildren.  In addition to his active involvement in the Fairport-Perinton Chamber, Tom previously served as a Kiwanis President for four years.